The Barbican

London, United Kingdom

Where things were:

In the summer of 2018 Stephen joined the Board of the Barbican and acted as the first external / first black vice chair of the Barbican in 2021. Throughout his time he has driven work on EDI, it’s new business model and sat on the hiring panel for the Artistic Director and the new CEO (first female CEO at the Barbican).

What was needed:

Stephen led on work to diversify the thinking and team at the Barbican

Stephen in action:

Between June 2017 and June 2021 Stephen helped to design the work, it’s respective stages and drive much of the engagement and facilitation. He helped to engage workers through to senior stakeholders in philanthropy. He helped to drive detail mapping of the tool, and navigate partnerships to produce workflows. Stephen also supported the development of a governance structure around the work.

What happened next:

Today the Barbican is thriving. With an increasingly diverse Board, a new CEO, new Artistic Director and a dynamic and inclusive strategy. The organisation is setting the standard for a 21st Century Arts Centre. Further, programming, staff, and how the space is used is now all being done through the lens of inclusion. There is still progress to be made, and Stephen remains an active Board member.