Project Signal

California, United States

Where things were:

In the summer of 2017 Stephen and co-founder Tom Watson dreamed up the idea of Project Signal with Rob Hope from the San Francisco Foundation – a tool and methodology to help low wage workers in California find quality training.

What was needed:

Stephen led a process of engagement, design and partnership to setup and execute Project Signal. The work required innovation, leadership and deep understanding of the training and learning market place in California. Strategy, communication and facilitation skills were essential for research, interviews and workshops to complete the work.

Stephen in action:

Between June 2017 and June 2021 Stephen helped to design the work, it’s respective stages and drive much of the engagement and facilitation. He helped to engage workers through to senior stakeholders in philanthropy. He helped to drive detail mapping of the tool, and navigate partnerships to produce workflows. Stephen also supported the development of a governance structure around the work.

What happened next:

Today Project Signal is sunset as a project. The combination of the pandemic and the evolving focus of the Project’s technology partnership meant maintaining and building out the project became untenable. The learnings and deliverables have been shared for further learnings.